The Excavators

Welcome Aboard the Dauntless
The journey before your adventure begins

You are one of the rare Excavators. Maybe it's what you've always wanted to do, or maybe you just kind of fell into the role. Either way, you're here on a boat with pretty much every Excavator you've ever heard of or worked with. You've worked with many of them, but a few you've worked with on a semi-regular basis. Hell, you'd almost call them friends if it were even possible to have friends in the 9th World. 

You expect that you'll hit land within the next couple of days. Being on the Dauntless is a rare treat for you. Usually, you're scrambling around getting things done, uncovering secrets, and getting into general trouble. The Dauntless is manned by robots. Everything on board is taken care of by their mechanical hands. As the week-long trip is coming to an end, you're sharing a meal with the Excavators that you almost think of as friends at this point – sharing stories of your past exploits.

When we start this campaign, you'll have made a character that fits within the world using Numenera character creation to help guide you. The characters you make will usually come out really weird and interesting, but keep this in mind: up until this point, your character has been like an Indiana Jones-Lara Croft-Nathan Drake-Borderlands-esque type in some way or another mixed in with the strange flavor of Numenera. 

On our first session, after we make our characters and set out the expectations of the game, we're going to spend some time describing stories of past exploits with each other. In Numenera, you're expected to be already kind of a powerful character and we're not building up from the ground.


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