The Excavators

A New Beginning

While riding on the Dauntless, 5 adventurers sat around a table recounting old adventures. Kásheldi is a tall, lanky (wo)man (?) with long, black hair that floats around her(?) head as if responding to some unknown wind current. Ezra Talbot was once afflicted with a curse where hair (white and gray fur) grows from his body more than usual and his fingernails become claws. Day is a man who's lived hundreds of lifetimes, but only remembers bits and pieces on occasion. Kalina is almost supernaturally spider-like with a small torso and long, thin limbs. Bård has a fluid gender and is more than happy to tell you all about his current feelings on the matter. She spends most of their time making illusions.

During the journey, the Dauntless was attacked by a small, cloaked boat. Waves of flying enemies were sent at the ship, and eventually, an explosion destroyed the large passenger ship destined for a port in the Western Dominance. The 5 adventurers woke on a beach of an island surrounded by scrap and debris. A young boy named Angus (who was also modified by some very intense-looking cybernetics) found the group and a strange message emanated from his mouth: "Follow the boy. You don't know who I am, but just trust me. The boy will get you where you need to go." Angus helped the travelers find cover from a night time storm in a scrap storage room. When Angus didn't return in the morning, the group decided to move forward into the scrap processing unit. There, the group eventually worked their way around the defense mechanisms and into the main complex.



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