There are no more heroes…

The world is filled with scavengers. We excel at picking the bones clean of the previous civilizations. 1000 years ago, the Lord Emperor discovered the first Vault. Inside the Vault were secrets to harnessing the Datasphere and various technologies abandoned around the world. With his new army of robots and nanobots, the Lord Emperor single-handedly defeated – or so the stories say - the Void: a danger that threatened to consume the whole world. Since then, everything in our world is centered around scavenging: Merchants sell trinkets and knick-knacks found in the ruins, Scrappers scavenge ruins for an easy Shin (metal scrap used as currency), the Clergy sings praises to the Datasphere and various gods associated with it and pray for the next Vault.

The Lord Emperor rules with an oppressive iron fist. Many people live in squalor – only people from loyalist families are afforded opportunities to become part of the nobility ruling class. These families are descended from the Lord Emperor's supporters when he first vanquished the Void. He keeps the populace in line with his Ministry. Normal people scrape by on what they can. A few lucky ones become traders or lowly merchants. Amongst this population, there is a group of people – desperate and willing to trek into the most dangerous of places to find knowledge, power, and riches. These people are Excavators. Very few choose to become Excavators. Even fewer survive their first delve. You are among those rugged few who've survived.

Last month, rumor was that a scrapper in the Western Dominance stumbled across another Vault. One week later, an official invitation from the Empire was sent out to all able Excavators to come help uncover the Vault. Until this point, there have been three Vaults: each one has been dangerous and highly rewarding. Hell, the Lord Emperor uncovered the first one and ushered in the current era (and found a way to live for over 1000 years). It is an invitation no Excavator could ignore.

You are on a boat heading to the Western Dominance. You've been traveling for about a week with just about every Excavator you've ever met or heard of. Everyone is anxious to get started. At the beginning of your story, you are about two days from your destination.


This will be a game of Numenera. The setting is loosely based on the Numenera setting of Earth 1 Billion years in the future. The flavor and story are based on the following media:

Video Games:
* Borderlands
* Horizon Zero Dawn
* Final Fantasy (8 and 15 mostly)
* Mistborn Series
* Dark Tower Series
* Dune
* Mad Max
* Waterworld
* Westworld

Building characters will be pretty easy in general, but keep in mind that this campaign will delve into a bit of political intrigue, dungeon/ruin delving, sabotage, and possibly an all out war/revolution. If you were to boil it down to it's core, I would probably say that I plan for it to be a cross between the Borderlands video games and the Mistborn book series.

Also, this campaign will lead more to what we find more interesting as a group. I've started planning it to be very focused on delving into ruins and dungeons – even more so than most of our past exploits. I want a lot of action/adventure and opportunities to have really cool cinematic moments.

The Excavators